The Philippine Star l!fe: Sweet surprises

The Philippine Star l!fe: Sweet surprises


MILLIE: I find myself craving something sweet at the end of every meal these days, something I never used to feel. My meal ender would often be cheese or a fruit slice and a cup of coffee.

Perhaps the feeling of being deprived of going out due to this prolonged pandemic has made me crave a bit of sweetness in my life!

I am a great cheesecake lover. I am also fond of chocolate cake that’s moist and not crumbly. I also like strawberry shortcake or strawberry tartlets, or even plain, fresh strawberries with whipped Creme Chantilly and a dash of sugar.

My most favorite of all is lemon meringue! But wait, I enjoy mocha cakes, too. Oh, and I love Brazo Mercedes with the filling oozing out. I almost forgot SansRival that’s crunchy to the bite.

  Unique and colorful: Monique’s fruity guava cake

A recent sweet surprise was the delicious and very, very pretty guava cake of Monique Tancongco. Opening the box was an experience in itself; the sweet aroma of the guava filled the room.

As I cut into it for a quick photo, I literally squealed while pulling out the slice. My idea of a guava cake was something like the Assumption tarts my Lola Meldy used to buy every year. But I was really pleasantly overwhelmed with this one. We shared it with my mom’s siblings and true enough, they all loved it! 


MILLIE: The guava cake was unique and became an instant favorite. My brother Gerry was curious and liked it very much. I loved the luscious strawberry shortcake with huge fresh strawberries from Driscoll’s. The cake was perfect, not crumbly at all, and it was even better the next day. The pecan cheesecake was delightful and indeed a pleasant sweet surprise! Now I can’t decide which cake to order for my birthday.