Our Story

Like all love stories, this one starts with Once Upon A Time...

My life was very different, not too long ago. I ran restaurants and banquets with elaborate menus and service that required ballet-like coordination among a team of many, serving socialites, heads of state, and even a royal or two, and I also built ships for luxury cruise lines, traveling the world.

But the kitchen has always been my sanctuary. After a long day's work, I'd often throw myself into cooking and baking as both release and solace. No matter how tired I was, or what high-octane challenge I had been through, I always looked forward to firing up the oven and being covered in flour and frosting.

Like it was for most people, the pandemic brought a whole new set of challenges and roadblocks. All of a sudden, the world had turned upside down, and for the first time in almost two decades, I had free time but couldn't spend it with my loved ones since we were all staying home, albeit safe, but apart.

Once again, the kitchen became my sanctuary. If I couldn't be with my friends and family, then I would feed them, even from afar. Surprising my loved ones with cakes became my love language. Soon, friends of friends would message me saying they'd seen my cake on social media and asked if they could make an order. Not long after that, my little quarantine hobby became my life's passion.

I've traded in my laptop for a mixer, and my suit for an apron, and it is truly one of the greatest blessings I've ever received.

But our story is just beginning. Come along for this sweet journey!